Telemedicine for Rural Healthcare

At Kaaro Health, we pride ourselves in developing health tech solutions for rural healthcare delivery.

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Medical Equipment Financing

Get the financing you need to upgrade your health facility and provide secondary and tertiary care.

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Off-grid Solutions

Kaaro designs and implements custom renewable energy solutions for medical applications.

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Tech-Enabled Solutions for Rural Healthcare

At Kaaro Health our mission is to use simple mobile technologies to bring affordable, high quality healthcare to every village in Africa. We deploy telehealth-enabled containerized clinics within villages that otherwise have no clinic within a 25-kilometer radius. Our work ensures that healthcare entrepreneurs and their SMEs who are serving peri-urban and rural communities have access to qualified healthcare professionals as well as critical equipment in order to provide advanced medical care.

Telehealth Support

In Uganda, more than 75% of healthcare professionals serve in major urban areas. 80% of the population lives outside urban areas and have limited access to healthcare. By providing affordable remote consultations, telehealth solutions bridge this gap for rural and peri-urban patient populations.

Off-Grid Solutions

In a country where only about 15% of the population has access to electricity, healthcare facilities located outside major towns and cities are limited in the range and sophistication of services they ca provide. Our off-grid renewable energy solutions help SMEs access medical-grade solar & biogas products to thrive.

Equipment Financing

Kaaro Health provides targeted financial management training to current and prospective clients so they have the skills they need to grow and sustain their businesses. Our advisory services prepare healthcare SMEs with growth potential to qualify for financing and to mitigate the risk of lending to these businesses.