Mission & Vision

At Kaaro Health Finance, we are committed to ensuring that regardless of whether people live in rural or urban areas, they should be able to access high quality secondary and tertiary medical care.

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Our History

Since its inception in 2014, Kaaro Holdings Limited, trading as Kaaro Health Finance, has been supporting rural and peri-urban healthcare entrepreneurs with the financing they need to acquire high quality medical equipment and make infrastructure upgrades so that they can provide secondary and tertiary care to their patients. KHF started as a repsonse to the acute shortage, and in many instances, complete absence of advanced care for communities living outside rural areas in Uganda.

Our Mission and Vision

In Uganda, while more than 80% of the population reside outside urban areas, nearly 75% of all private health facilities are located in a few towns and cities, serving less than 10% of the patient population. Therefore, patients in rural areas must contend with the inefficiency and acute inadequacy of the public healthcare system for all their treatment needs.

We have designed our range of products and services to support medical profesionals and healthcare entrepreneurs to reach patient populations in rural and peri-urban areas.

Our interventions are broadly categorized as follows:

What We Finance

Our financing, engineering and management support products respond directly to the acute shortage of healthcare services in rural areas where the majority of Ugandans live.

Our product portfolio targets the following broad categories:

Medical Equipment

The right medical equipment is estremely critical to providing secondary and tertiary care. KHF provides not just the finance to acquire the equipment, but also the renewable energy to power it.

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Health Infrastructure

When healthcare entrepreneurs need to expand their facilities to accommodate more patients, provide more services in rural areas KHF provides the finance they need to achieve this end.

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Management Support

From accounting to electronic medical records, KHF provides IT and management support to healthcare practitioners so that they can focus on the business of treating patients.

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